About tfurrows.com

This is my personal site on the world wide web. I've had many over the years, as well as many business websites. However, this website is more about what I want to put on the web, versus what I think others might want to see. If you are here, you are most welcome.


Large swaths of the www are drowning in heavy code and graphics. This is not beauty. I choose simple pages, hand written in basic markup. They bring me joy, and therefore I choose them.


I'll use what I wish. Presently, that's HTML only. No JS, no CSS, no cookies, no client storage, no fonts, no CDN loaded assets, no tracking pixels, no analytics. Nothing having to do with Google, AWS, or anything external. This site has no policies, as a book would have no policies. If you need policies, please visit the usual suspects.


Page last updated 23-Feb-2021